Our Company


In May 2004, José M. Marcenaro founded Tercer Planeta, driven by his passion for technology and his desire for new challenges. Surrounded by professionals with long experience, in 2007 he associated with Andrea M. Morales and in 2008 was formally constituted Tercer Planeta S.A.

Over the years in Tercer Planeta we have formed professionals with different roles and skills, always with the unmistakable mark of enormous respect for the work and the relationship with our customers.

Nowadays we have a team highly committed to quality and commited with goals, seeking to provide the best solution for those who choose to work with us.


Our mission is to achieve the solution for each client in computer services that best fits his context and allows him to carry out effective implementation on schedule and with adequate costs.

We focus on the architecture, development and implementation oriented to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Regarding our partners, we choose to work with business partners who share our values and commitment to customers and members of our team.

In the internal team, we encourage personal development, a pleasant working environment and commitment to the society in which we live.



    An essential part of our work is to share knowledge and research on the developments that are taking place in the world of information technology.


    We have a professional team with a high level of know-how in developing architectures and technologies.


    Ensuring quality in our services is given by the responsibility in reaching deadlines and goals during the development process.


    Our team's flexibility to work with internal teams and the emphasis on ongoing feedback make it possible for projects to be implemented effectively.