Solutions and Services

We bring innovation and professionalism in all the stages of the software development life cycle: requirements, analysis, construction, testing, implementation and support.

What makes us different is that we offer each client the solution that best fits his environment, which allows us to run an efficient implementation on schedule.


A CMS (Content Management System) is a dynamic and self-administered tool that allows you to manage the contents of your website easily and quickly, improving business productivity.

Choosing the right CMS is very important because it is the tool that will enable you to keep your website updated over time, giving added value to your company image.

In order to cover a wide range of possibilities (customers' business type, size, working styles, and the like) we focus on two of the most recognized CMS in the market: SITECORE and UMBRACO.

Both are developed with Microsoft technologies. The main advantage from the point of view of development is the use of widely spread tools, proven and reliable as ASP.NET CORE, HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

Know more about our SITECORE & UMBRACO skills (pdf). 


The use of e-commerce platforms allows you to save on the costs of maintaining physical spaces, having a 24 hours open business, offering products in a global market.

It is evident that the advantages offered by these tools fully justify the investment in their implementation and configuration, especially when you choose the right platform: it should have the capabilities of scalability, security, adaptability to different devices and integration with third-party software that allows expanding their features.

At Tercer Planeta we know how to implement these online sales platforms and, among the existing ones in the market, we choose to work with nopCommerce, a tool based on. NET and SQL technologies. This is an open source tool, supported by a huge developers community. And, what makes it more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses is that it has a free licensing model.

nopCommerce was chosen as the best e-commerce tool for small and medium enterprises in 2016 by the CMS Critic Award.

Know more about our nopPCOMMERCE skills (pdf). 



We believe that every client is unique and in order to adapt to their demands we manage different technologies to provide diverse applications: from Microsoft .NET  to open source and multi platform tools, we choose the one that best fits the needs of each project, or a combination of them.

In our daily work we use AGILE METHODOLOGIES not only for development but also for project management, which allow us to establish a close relation with our clients since the beginning and add value to the delivered software in each iteration. 




For several years we have held business partnerships for specific projects with foreign companies, especially in the USA. This allows both parties to increase their production capacity making it easier to reach more customers, in a win-win relationship.

This collaborative work with different companies provides the possibility to continue learning by giving support and contributing with the knowledge and expertise that many years in the market have given us.

We have undertaken projects with partners in the United States of America successfully supporting websites for clients such as 21CO, ELMA, TENARIS, CHICAGO HUMANITIES and MAKE A WISH, among others.


Our consulting service is aimed at guiding internal IT company teams in the process of choosing the technologies that best fit their needs and improve their internal development.

We provide tools that allow taking the best decisions, maximizing the use of their knowledge and expertise in business.

We assist in the analysis for decision-making, we support the implementation of applications, suggest the best practices and orient the adding of new technologies with a comprehensive view of the process. 

We transmit our know-how to the internal teams of each client, in order to let them be the ones who develop the right solutions for their enviroment and needs